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We will not be taking orders for knotted prayer ropes until August 1st, 2024.

We are knotting prayer ropes for orders placed in April, and customers are waiting 8-12 weeks to receive their prayer ropes. Until we can fill orders within a reasonable period, knotted prayer ropes made by the sisters will not be available to order on our online store until August 1st.

Knotted prayer ropes from Mount Athos and Russia will still be available to order.




The beads used in this popular line of wooden prayer ropes are made from hand-carved olive wood, black ebony, tiger ebony, bayong and mamalis wood. In addition to the standard lengths—33-bead, 50-bead, 100-bead, we also offer 12-bead and 300-bead lengths.  Noteable are the cross-beads which are made from the seeds of the buri palm tree.

The cross-beads are inserted at the following places in the prayer ropes: 33-bead—after every 11 beads; 50-bead—after every 10 beads; 100-bead—after every 25 beads; 300-bead—after every 100 beads.

The prayer ropes are adorned with a wooden pendant cross. Bead size options range from 4.5mm to 8mm. The beads are individually inspected and strung by the sisters, to insure the highest quality. The 300 wooden bead prayer rope is an economical alternative to a knotted 300. Some of our customers who have lost some feeling in their fingers find the wooden beads much easier to distinguish, and the large beads are sometimes preferred by those with large hands.

Black Ebony

Tiger Ebony

Bethlehem Olive Wood

Bayong Wood