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St. Paisius Monastery Prayer Ropes

From ages past all monastics have labored to support themselves by the work of their own hands. One such handicraft is the making of prayer ropes to assist the faithful in their personal prayers.

Each variety of prayer rope is individually hand-crafted. We offer traditional knotted wool prayer ropes, using three different thicknesses of yarn, and a wide variety of style and color options. The knotted satin, natural stone, wooden beads and Panagia's Pearls serve as beautiful reminders to say the Jesus Prayer and are acceptable in every social setting.

Wool Prayer Ropes

Satin Prayer Ropes

Wood Prayer Ropes

Semi-Precious Stone Prayer Ropes

Swarovski Pearls

Panagia's Pearls

Panagia's Tears

Keepsake Prayer Ropes for Baptisms and Weddings

Specialty Prayer Ropes