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Bethlehem Olive Wood 50-Bead Prayer Rope

  • Olive wood beads
  • Olive Wood 50-bead Prayer Ropes
  • Olive Wood 50-bead prayer rope

Product Description

This olive wood prayer rope, composed of 50 handmade beads from Bethlehem, is strung on bonded beading twine, and is joined by an olive wood cross. There are three bead sizes: 6, 8 and 10 mm. The millimeter sizes  are approximate because the beads are hand made and are not uniform. The 10 mm option is joined by a cherry wood cross, shown in one of the photos above.

Approximate Lengths:

             6 mm - 8.5 inches (21 mm)

             8 mm - 11.25 inches (28 mm)

             10 mm - 13.5 inches (35 mm)