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Prayer Rope Counter ("Martyria")

  • Black Ebony beads
  • Detail of black ebony Martyria
  • Preciosa Czech fire-polished glass 3mm faceted Martyria
  • Detail of 3mm faceted Martyria

Product Description

This handy strand of black counter beads is easily attached to any prayer rope, enabling one to count ropes (when praying numerous prayer ropes) by sliding a bead at the conclusion of each rope.

Available in 4 mm black ebony wooden beads or 3 mm Preciosa Czech fire-polished glass faceted beads.

The length of the 4 mm wooden martyria beads is about 2 1/4" long.

The Preciosa Czech fire-polished glass 3 mm faceted beads are tiny; the length of the martyria is 1 1/2". 

12 beads per stand.