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We will not be taking orders for knotted prayer ropes until August 1st, 2024.

We are knotting prayer ropes for orders placed in April, and customers are waiting 8-12 weeks to receive their prayer ropes. Until we can fill orders within a reasonable period, knotted prayer ropes made by the sisters will not be available to order on our online store until August 1st.

Knotted prayer ropes from Mount Athos and Russia will still be available to order.



Mt. Athos 33-knot Prayer Rope - Black

  • Mt. Athos 33-knot

Product Description

These Mt. Athos prayer ropes are made with black, satin cord and a generous space is given between each knot. They come with red, black, or blue accent beads, and a bead is woven into the cross. 

The approximate length is 13.5".