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Mother of the Light, Prayers to the Theotokos

  • Mother of the Light
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Mother of the Light

Prayers to the Theotokos

     "To understand the Theotokos is to understand the mystery of the Church...Without continuous reference to the Theotokos in the history of salvation and in the life of the Church, there can be no genuine devotion or theology." (from the introduction) This is a collection of ancient prayers and canons to the Theotokos, used primarily in private prayer. The  origins of most of the prayers are unknown; some were used by saints, such as St. Gregory Palamas; all are filled with deep compunction, and express firm faith in the ability of the Theotokos to heal and our souls and intercede for our salvation with her Son and God.

This lovely edition, printed by Newrome Press is 4 x 6" with a soft, blue leather cover and gilding on the page edges.

Hardbound, 87 pgs.