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The Prologue of Ohrid - Two Volume Set

  • The Prologue of Ohrid

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The Proglogue of Ohrid

Lives of Saints, Hymns, Reflections and Homilies for Every Day of the Year

St. Nikolai Velimirovic


From the Preface by the Author, St. Nikolai:

   "The Prologue is a centuries-old reader of the Orthodox people, who have been brought up with it throughout the long centuries of difficult temptations, both in bondage and in freedom. Throughout all those long centuries, the Orthodox people, reared on the Prologue, ascribed countless heavenly attributes to the saints and knights of God's justice who, by their example, have shone and guided the people.

   'Prologue' - a Preface or Introduction to the profound and wonderful system of Christian knowledge - is a word that our Slavic fathers substituted for another Greek word, Synaxarion.

    In its contents, the Prologue is nothing more than an expanded and explained Calendar, and the Calendar represents but one part of the mystical Book of Life (Revelation 3:5)...The Calendar is the first book that I saw in my childhood and took into my hands. Among those of us in the village, it stood behind the icon, and with reverence it was taken in the hands and again restored to its place. It was a mysterious and - for me at that time - a magical book of names: only names, without visible content and without explanation. I did not even suspect what great content those names concealed. That book fascinated me; I reverenced it without knowledge and loved it without understanding. The charm of this book lay, it seems, precisely in the names themselves. What did these names mean? To that, I can now answer - that the person is everything. From the eternal perspective, all that is around and next to and on the person is neither numbered nor counted. The kingdoms and the states, treasures and crowns, embellishments and cultures, honors and glories: all of this is subordinated to the person, in the service of the person, worthless in comparison to the person. The saintly person is the soul of Christ's character, repeated, more or less in many, many persons. The saints are cleansed mirrors in which the beauty and might of the majestic person of Christ is seen..."

In this work St. Nikolai labored to give content and explanation to the Calendar of names, compiling the lives of saints from around the world, and adding hymns, reflections and homilies about their lives.

This two volume set is from the first printing by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America.

Vol I - 691 pages, Vol II - 751 pages, hardbound.


Hymn of Praise

to the Holy Martyrs Faith (age 12), Hope (age 10) and Love (age 9), and their mother Sophia (September 17)

     Sophia, all-wise, glorified the Lord;

      As a sacrifice to Him, she offered three most-beautiful daughters.

      To her daughters she said: “Be not afraid, my daughters;

      Strengthen yourselves in Christ; endure in the Faith;

      And be not afraid of torture or bitter misfortunes.

      Do not grieve over your bodies—it is better in heaven:

           God will give you wonderful bodies in heaven.

      Do not grieve over your beauty—with divine beauty

           You will shine among the angels in the Kingdom of God,

           As the daughters of the King of kings!

      Do not grieve over life—what is this earthly life worth?

           Its span is at most a hundred years.

           In heaven, life without end awaits you:

           Life without end, life without beginning.

      Do not grieve for the company of earthly friends,

           For the company of wonderful saints awaits you there.

           Nor should the company of worldly kinsmen cause you grief—

           For your kin in the heavens are the glorious martyrs.”

      Thus the saintly mother instructed her holy daughters,

      As, one by one, they flew off to heaven:

      Three white doves, innocent and pure,

      Flew swiftly to the bosom of Christ.

      And with her soul uplifted, their mother flew after them,

      And joined her glorious daughters in Paradise;

      And our merciful God receives their prayers.