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Selections from the All-Night Vigil - mp3 files

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Product Description

Selections from the All-Night Vigil

Downloadable Mp3 files from the original CD recorded in 2002 by the sisters of St. Paisius Monastery.


    1. Monastery Bells. Safford, Arizona

    2. Psalm 103. Valaam Chant

    3. Blessed is the Man. Russian Melody

    4. Lord, I have Cried, with Stichera to Optina Elders.

          Tone 5, Special Melody: "Rejoice, Life-giving Cross" and Tone 8

    5. O Gentle Light. Znamenny Chant

    6. Prayer of St. Symeon. Znamenny Chant

    7. O Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice. Russian Melody

    8. Glory to God in the Highest. Znamenny Chant

    9. Great Litany. Znamenny Chant

    10. Polyeleos. Znamenny Chant

    11. Magnificat. Znammeny Chant

    12. Exapostilarion to the Optina Elders, with Theotokion.

           Special Melody: "The Heaven with Stars"

    13. Great Doxology. Znamenny Chant

    14. Troparion with Theotokion. Tone 1

    15. To Thee, the Champion Leader. Russian Melody

    16. Monastery Bells. Safford, Arizona


Total size 91.4 MB. The download link will be active for two days.