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Orthodox Christian Parenting

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This book is especially designed for busy Orthodox Christian parents. It is the fruit of the labors of many pooled resources: Scripture, holy fathers, clergy, clergy families, monastics, and Orthodox parents. In the end, our children are the fruit of God's grace and our labors. If we spiritually tend to them in their youth, we will have nurtured their potential to grow into amazing, faithful, fruitful, even holy Orthodox Christians. Let us work diligently when they are young and the harvest will be plentiful.


Gardeners know that in order for a tree to be healthy and develop strong roots, it must be watered deeply and fed well while young. Later, when the inevitable storms come, the strong roots will be deep enough to prevent the tree from blowing over. If the roots are shallow, the tree will be lost.


In the sacrament of holy marriage we hear: Your children will be like olive shoots around your table (Psalm 128:3). A verdant and fruit-bearing olive tree requires cultivation, and all the more does the raising of our children. If we teach them all we can about their faith as early as possible, giving them spiritual roots that are strong and run deep, then when they face the world their faith will not blow away like seedlings in a storm.  


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 "...our children have no problem in opening up to their peers, but they have a big problem connecting with their families. We must intensify our efforts, as parents, educators, and people of faith to reengage our children, to teach them, by example, to love the Lord God with all our heart, and with all our soul and with all our mind, as Christ tell us the first and great commandment (Matthew 22:38) is--and our neighbor as ourselves. No doubt your book can be of help to parents raising our children in the house of the Lord. It should, as well, be helpful in addressing another major challenge of our time--that of preserving and strengthening the marriages of our faithful--which you broach at the beginning of your book." ~ Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco (GOA)


"I just received my new book from Zoe Press, and I just simply love this book. There are only a few books that specifically focus on Orthodox Christian parenting, and this lovely book does a wonderful job. Thank you Marie Eliades, may our Lord bless your holy work towards the people of God." ~ An Orthodox Priest


"Wonderful collection of stories and sayings from the Tradition of the Church's Fathers and Elders and also personal experience from parents and parish priests. Positive, encouraging book for raising children in the Faith in today's world. Covers all aspects of children up-bringing from discipline, teaching the Orthodox Christian Faith, to modesty, exposure to dangers through TV and internet and dating and College years. The book emphasizes the importance of prayer to God Who helps parents. There is something that every parent can find in this book. Easy reading and simple words for the busy parent. Truly a well-written book!!" ~ By Faye


"I have been looking for a book just like this one for many years now. As a Christian parent living in this fast paced world you deal with many challenges. It is great to have this practical advice all in one inviting book. So many topics are covered in an easy-to-read format. I find myself going back to this book on a daily basis to get inspiring reminders. The author has included many viewpoints from priests, teachers, moms & dads. My teenage children have also gained insight by reading parts of this book touching upon that age group. If you are looking for some spiritual direction on how to raise your kids, then I highly recommend this book." ~ By M. A. Rahal  

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